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Quantic Dream

Context and challenges For the occasion of Quantic Dream’s 23rd Birthday in February 2020, the Parisian studio announced its independence and ability to self publish its own games. With the ambition to evolve and reinforce its position as a unique, passionate and curious game maker who wishes to surprise its players, the move will help the company have more creative power over its own projects.

The objective was to create a first-time Twitch stream that strengthened Quantic Dream’s position in the gaming industry with the potential to gather the global gaming community, both gaming enthusiasts and industry professionals. Hoping to reach and stimulate current and lapsed players and/or streamers of Quantic Dream’s games, core gamers and gaming connoisseurs interested in narrative-driven games, the challenge was to reboost the perception of the studio while ensuring that its image is portrayed as an innovative and dynamic brand, close to its players and community.

Our answer Collaborating hand in hand with Quantic Dream and Way of Live who worked on the broadcast and setup of the stream, we created the design of the Twitch channel, the design of the live stream and the project management across all parties. Celebrating the opening of the brand’s Twitch channel, the stream included exclusive announcements that kickstarted the studio’s live streaming activities.

Going live on the 25th of May 2020 and available worldwide, the stream was hosted by Erika Ishii and Malik Forté with guests including David Cage (founder of Quantic Dream), Guillaume de Fondaumière (CEO of Quantic Dream), cast members from Detroit: Become Human with; Bryan Dechart (known for his role as Connor), Amelia Rose Blaire (portrayed Tracis and one version of the WR400 "Traci"), Neil Newbon (Gavin Reed and Elijah Kamski), Clancy Brown (Hank Anderson), Dominic Gould (Todd Williams), Audrey Boustani (Alice and Emma Phillips), Barbara Weber Boustani (Caroline Phillips and voices hostess Chloe), Kristopher Bosch (voices Jerry), Ben Lambert (Daniel and Simon) and Heavy Rain cast member, Pascal Langdale (the voice for Ethan Mars) as well as the Quantic Dream development team.



The stream was broadcasted on all Quantic Dream’s streaming-ready channels in order to make the most of organic reach and direct all viewers to watch the stream on Twitch so they can engage in the interactive Community Play Extension Live Demo for Detroit: Become Human and participate in the contest. Engaging viewers that are following the Quantic Dream Twitch channel with the aim of increasing organic reach for the next live streams and celebrating the community of players, the brand’s Twitch followers had a chance to win one of the game’s collector editions autographed by the game developers.




The content of the stream included the celebration of Heavy Rain’s 10 year Anniversary, Detroit Become Human’s 2 year Anniversary, the announcement of Detroit: Become Human, Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain availability on Steam, and the showcase of the Detroit: Become Human Community Play Twitch Extension and live demo of the first chapter.

All in all, there were effective results with 1.4K average viewers during the live stream on Twitch and a total of 3K+ video views in total.

A follow up #2 live stream aired on the 29th of June, hosted by Ngiraan Fall with guests from the Quantic Dream team, including; Lisa Pendse (VP Marketing), Marlène Richier (Producer), Adam Williams (Lead Writer) and Benjamin Diebling (Shooting Director) as well as cosplayer Faerie Blossom. The live stream was available worldwide on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The stream content included updates on Quantic Dream, focus on Kara, the Detroit: Become Human female lead, how this iconic character came to life and what makes her unique as well as pop culture talks and a demonstration on the interactive Twitch extension, Detroit: Community Play and a discussion with two streamers that had already experienced it with their community.