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Breach - Esports Documentary

Context Biborg created a long-length documentary of 52 minutes titled “Breach”, which was released on gTV, Ubisoft's channel dedicated to video games on Saturday 21st of March, following the teaser which was diffused on Friday the 20th.

Reflecting Biborg's involvement and attachment to the gaming community, the movie provided the creative and production teams the opportunity to get up close and personal with Team Vitality’s Rainbow Six Siege esports roster.

Pitch The film follows the journey of Florian "ZephiR" Perrot during the year he spent as Captain of Vitality's Rainbow Six Siege team, a major French esports organisation. It sheds an intimate light on the personal and family aspects of a gamer's life as he transitions into the professional world of esports.

Synopsis Having established themselves as strong opponents against the best players in the world, Team Vitality prepares for a third year of Pro League marked by the arrival of the Six Major in Paris.

Made up of five young French players with unconventional lives, the team will have to prove it deserves its place in the championship, and represent France in a fast-growing, highly competitive esports scene.

Surrounded by his family and his teammates, Florian will do everything to bring his team to the international tournament while going through a pivotal period of his life where ambition, reality, and self-awareness play a decisive part.

The idea to produce this documentary came immediately when we met ZephiR, we were very lucky to have followed his journey and to have been integrated in an extraordinary community for this first experience as a director of a documentary feature film. I hope this film will allow those who do not know the world of esports to have a glimpse of the incredible human adventure, of the richness of the emotions crossed, of the wisdom and great sincerity that these players deliver, who to overcome themselves must face their own doubts and vulnerabilities. They remind us that the real adversary to be mastered is always ourself.

Ismaël El-Hakim - Managing and Creative Director, Biborg

Objective Florian’s story allows us to introduce a sector often misunderstood while showcasing a poignant human adventure: the trials and errors of a young man in pursuit of his dream. Breach is a reflection on determination and perseverance, in the unforgiving world of esports. How far can one go for his passion, when the odds are against him and the outcome uncertain?



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