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Riot Games DACH
10 year anniversary for League of Legends

Biborg accompanied Riot Games DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) with the creation of a documentary celebrating the ten year anniversary of League of Legends (LoL) for the German community.

The objectives of the campaign was to create a locally relevant documentary with an emotional and nostalgic ambience, showcasing memories and universal stories that remind the community what LoL brought to them. The tone of the video was to directly talk to longtime players as well as newcomers - inviting people to be part of the story.


The five minute video concept centered around a series of interviews with players, streamers, casters, cosplayers and hosts focusing on their legendary stories and building upon their best League of Legends game memories to retrace the evolution of the game, the growth of its community and the birth of the esports scene.

Riot Games also made a call out to the players on Twitter so they can post their best memories from the game. These memories were also integrated in the documentary video, adding a strong genuine feeling to the final outcome and having not only influencers, professional players and streamers known to the community but also everyday players that people can associate with.

Biborg managed the whole campaign including the script writing to the video shooting in Berlin and London.