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Creative Branding
Riot Games EMEA - League of Legends: Wild Rift - Brand Identity

Mobile esports is not yet hugely popular accress EMEA, MENA and CIS, so our main challenge was to drive awareness around the first tournament of this game.
Another challenge for this activity was to differentiate between League of Legends PC & League of Legends: Wild Rift, whilst maintaining the premium quality branding that is a key characteristic of Riot Games.

By positioning League of Legends as the serious big brother/sister we wanted to articulate League of Legends: Wild Rift as it’s more fun and colorful sibling. The esports mobile scene is more diverse and inclusive than other esports scenes, so we defined the brand persona of this tournament as uplifting, audacious and accessible. All of our art direction was built around it :
We married consistent nomenclature throughout all territories with the usage of triangles to emphasise the duality of team based combat.
We added spike elements to the background which transmit the dynamism of the tournament. And to distinguish from other mobile esports tournaments, we adopted a modern approach with a fresh color palette and well-built gradient to stand out.

As well as the central announcement video (which generated more than 100K organic views on social networks), we also produced assets for the website and the tournament broadcasts.
Riot were so happy with our work they applied our art direction and branding throughout the broadcasting stage.