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Player Engagement


Challenge Riot were searching for talented up-and-coming League of Legends content creators across EMEA that could have flown under the radar. Through this, Biborg and Riot recognized the need to create a meaningful and impactful initiative; one which promoted diversity and helped promising content creators gain visibility within the LoL community.

Idea Currently, the content creator landscape isn’t representative of the diversity in profiles in the League of Legends community. Grassroot creators struggle to grow, and are rarely given the love and success they deserve. Therefore, rather than simply create the tools to help these content creators, we needed to go bigger. We needed a vision.

We brought this vision to life with two key objectives in mind. First, we wanted to support creators by providing guidance, and break down any obstacles that hindered them in generating unique content. Second, we wanted to promote diversity by granting exposure to emerging talents. This was carried out by retaining and leveraging established content creators to inspire them in following their own creative pursuits.

Expressed in the tagline “It’s your turn to shine”, our vision gave birth to a dedicated Season Stars 2023 website where rising content creators could sign up and apply using their Riot account. A voting tool was also implemented to allow community members to vote for their favorite creators. Biborg also created several editorial pillars for social media to generate momentum and hype for the entire operation. To encourage community participation, we made all the visual assets and copies across all socials, with a harmonious and positive tone that defined the core values of League of Legends. This made the community the heart of the campaign, which was needed in order for Biborg and Riot to find the hidden gems.