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AR, Experiential

Supporting the worldwide release of the expanded Persona 5 Royal and as Facebook preferred partners, Biborg collaborated with SEGA to create an Augmented Reality (AR) effect available on Instagram, from the 14th of April, 2020.

The objective was to help boost sales following the release of the game and keep up the momentum that followed the already critical acclaim that the game was receiving.

The interactive AR experience included a suite of six effects that invited the user to ‘Wear the Mask’ and become a member of one of the six Phantom Thieves; Joker, Skull, Oracle, Crow, Panther and Kasumi, the new Phantom Thief integral to Persona 5 Royal.

Designed to create a buzz around the game for the returning fans and new players alike, the effect allows the player to embody some of their favourite characters from Persona 5 Royal. The user can scroll between the effects within the native app, with each mask greeting the user with a burst of flames and a shatter of the screen before revealing them in the mask.


The effect was communicated on Twitter and Facebook channels, inviting users to discover it.

Try the effect on Instagram or Facebook and become your favourite Phantom Thief.