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Soul Hackers 2


Challenge To support the release of Soul Hackers 2 in Europe, SEGA/Atlus asked Biborg to add sizzle to their existing marketing plan. After several iterations, the brief became more specific as we decided to drive brand awareness at the Gamescom convention in Cologne.

We wanted to offer convention-goers a special and memorable experience; to immerse them in the SH2 universe, and to celebrate the return of Gamescom after a two year hiatus.

Idea Similar to other Atlus titles, Demonic Fortune in SH2 displays a daily ranking of the luckiest zodiac constellations.

With this, people are able to craft certain demons with special stats and powerful bonuses, and find out what demons they could potentially encounter that day. Using this specific insight from the game, we conceived an immersive and exciting activation loved by SEGA and key decision makers in Japan.

Thus, the Soul Hackers 2 Demonic Fortune digital booth was born. This memorable Demon Horoscope experience allowed people to discover the wide variety of demons in SH2, and their unique demonic fortune with Ringo, the protagonist. Convention-goers could input a date significant to them, to reveal the demon associated with it.

They were then prompted to take a picture with their demon, to receive a printed fortune slip. Alternatively, they could scan a unique QR code on their special keepsake to access and share their fortune online.

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