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Context Closely following the launch of Yakuza: Like a Dragon; and for the first time ever SEGA was releasing the rest of the iconic franchise Yakuza on Xbox and PC.
For the occasion they contacted Biborg to create a special social media campaign for the EMEA, ANZ and US region.

Challenges Our main challenge was about the way to produce this trailer. We had to show players that didn’t play previous Yakuza games, what they were missing on. We needed to mix all of those games (0 to 6), in a way that would rightfully showcase the Yakuza Saga’ heritage.

Creative Thinking To respect the Saga’s spirit, we wanted to express the duality of the franchise. Showcasing both the high stakes stories behind each Yakuza and the off-the-wall humor you will find scattered through the narrative. Enhancing that in the end, Yakuza is all about shenanigans.

Creative Production We created a high impact organic trailer of 30 sec using elements from all the games previous trailers. Our team then adapted different parts of this trailer for paid media formats of 6 to 15 seconds both in 16:9 and 1:1. Booked as pre-roll on YouTube and on Social media, those snappier formats helped boosting the hype before the release.

Also, as usual, we are supervising every aspect of the project, we took care of the localization of those assets, respecting every country's codes and age rating systems.

In addition to those trailers we also created GIF’s dedicated to each game, to go even further on the duality of the Yakuza franchise. They were used by RGG Studio’s Twitter account to tease players until the release of the games.