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Branding & PGW ARG photo challenge

Following competition, S.E.L.L (Syndicat des Editeurs de Logiciels de Loisirs / Trade Union of leisure software publishers) selected Biborg to design a television, digital and print awareness campaign of empowerment for parents of children who play video games as well as a photographic ARG (alternate reality game) challenge live during the 2019 edition of the Paris Games Week.

Since its creation, S.E.L.L is committed to corporate social responsibility with the aim of informing and protecting consumers. The organisation thus intervenes on various subjects in order to raise awareness to the players, parents and families on the use of video gaming.

Television, digital and print video game best practices campaign

Being a parent in the digital age is not always easy due to the array of screens we now easily have access to. While 71% of French people occasionally play video games, the proportion rises to 96% among children aged 10 to 17, half of them playing even on a daily basis.

Biborg accompanies S.E.L.L in its responsibility role of consumer protection and launches a new awareness campaign with some simple rules that parents can apply at home for good video game practices.

A 20 second film was created and released via a television and digital media campaign and will be broadcast on French television from the 17th of November to the 15th of December. To demonstrate the benefits of good video game practice at home, the campaign informs, in a fun and immersive way, the available devices like PEGI, (a French website aimed at parents explaining the best practices for video games played at home) and parental controls that not many parents are aware of.

The branding campaign features a family with a brother and sister who we see sharing a bonding moment with their parents. It addresses themes including; the choice of playing a suitable game depending on the age of the child, controlling the time spent playing on a console and the installation of parental controls. Viewers are then directed to the website in order to learn more about video game practices.

The spot aims to enhance the video game industry and its practice by highlighting the positive aspects. It adopts an informative, fun tone directed to parents, without trying to make them feel guilty. It is by learning the video game practices and what is in the best interests for our children that we understand what limits we must not cross.

Enguerran Foulet, Account Manager, Biborg biborg-work-sell-print-branding-content There are also print adaptations of the spot which will be published on the 19th of November in Le Bulletin Quotidien, TV Mag on the 27th of November, Telerama on the 4th of December and Version Femina on the 8th of December. Paris Games Week activation To encourage visitors to discover the diversity of exhibitors and enrich their experience during the Paris Games Week event, S.E.L.L and Biborg launched an ARG photographic challenge. #ChallengesPGW10 : a photo challenge to share your best memories during the 10th edition of the Paris Games Week. Participants are invited to be involved in the activation and take a selfie during an esport match, a photo in front of a retrogaming console, a selfie with a cosplayer etc. and upload them to the Paris Games Week website which in turn generates a video of their best moments of the day. All videos posted on social networks with the hashtag will participate in a draw to win Paris Games Week branded prizes such as t-shirts, tote bags, hats etc. biborg-work-sell-pgw-arg-photo-challenge-image2 For the 10th edition of the Paris Games Week, we made the visitor the hero of the event while giving them the opportunity to discover the richness that Paris Games Week has to offer Lahiru Weladawe, Account Manager, Biborg

Branding Campaign : L'ADN (FR), CB News (FR), afjv (FR), Packshotmag (FR).

Paris Games Week ARG activation : Strat├ęgies (FR), TopCom (FR).