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Tales Up - The Eternal Arrow - Streaming activation

Challenge Our mission was to find an opportunity to celebrate the arrival of Tales Up on PC and the release of their newest saga: The Eternal Arrow. To bring more visibility to the brand and recruit players through the new platform, we wanted to create an original activation with talents.

Our approach In Tales Up, players receive hidden objectives when they select their characters. On Twitch, games where you need to find the impostor are extremely popular, and are always enjoyed by streamers and their community. Based on these insights and the strong, role-playing aspect of Tales Up, we created a secret goal for talents to achieve during the stream, and asked them to activate the stream squad mode.

How we worked For our first 2 hour livestream, we invited Lydia__AM, Ultia, DazJDM and Titavion to take part in this secret adventure. We decided that Lydia would be the imposter, and worked alongside her to create a secret mission, based on the game’s DNA and her affinity with role-playing games overall. We also prepared various rewards for viewers, including a dedicated code with an exclusive avatar, and several Adventurer Passes to give away at the end of the stream. A special Let’s Play session was also organized with Zul’Zorander, Guile, Aelthan and KeydeeGamerBoy; with two different streams of The Eternal Arrow and even more rewards!

Results The stream concept received a lot of positive feedback from talents and viewers alike, who eagerly joined in the game and tried to guess the imposter by themselves. Lydia was never found out as the imposter, and kept it a secret for the entire stream! As she successfully completed her mission, she won 15 extra Adventurer Passes for her community.

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