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Assassin's Creed III

For the third year running, the video game publisher, Ubisoft has trusted the creative agency, Biborg to design and produce the digital campaign for the launch of the next chapter of the successful saga that has already sold more than 19 million copies worldwide: Assassin's Creed III.

Launching several interactive campaigns in France and Europe, the challenge was to immerse the consumers in the epic and wild story of Connor Kenway, a murderer who swore that he will ensure the freedom of his people at the beginning of the American Revolution.

The mobile campaign, diffused on both iPhone and iPad on, and applications, aims to engage the user in a fully interactive and innovative experience. Using its expertise in mobile rich media, Biborg is the first French agency to offer such an interactive experience. The creation begins with an interstitial video to attract attention and develop brand awareness. The Format "banner + layer" invites users to interact on their smartphone through the use of the compass and on their tablets by using the slide action to shoot an arrow. It’s then possible to discover the whole world of the game, without leaving the application.

Using the compass in a display mobile setting was a real technical and creative challenge, but we are even more proud to produce such a big innovation. Nowadays, the mobility of the devices opens new perspectives of interaction and accessibility to information. Bruno Luriot, Business Director at Biborg.

The digital billboard campaign was located in all Parisian railway stations and shopping centers in France. A truly stunning visual experience, the creations were made specifically for each media format and touched a wide target audience. The use of multiple synchronised screens aimed to plunge passers-by into the world of the American Revolution and Connor’s epic and intense quest for freedom and the deadly confrontation with his enemy.

We know Biborg’s expertise and talent to develop creative and effective concepts adapted to different media. After the great success of the innovative mobile campaign Ghost Recon Future Soldier, it was very natural for us to decide to repeat the experience for the mobile campaign of Assassin's Creed III, and also try to explore new formats like digital display units.

Bénédicte Germain, Marketing Director at Ubisoft France.

Biborg has also produced an online European campaign on Youtube based on a Masthead format on the homepage of a contest promoting the brand amongst the general public. The interactive experience, through the production of several YouTube videos, invites the users to walk in Connor’s footsteps and try to win a trip to the U.S. amongst many other prizes.