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biborg-work-Ubisoft-Spring-Sales image 3 Context For their 2021 Spring Sale, Ubisoft asked us to design a fresh digital campaign that would promote their latest released games. For this special occasion Ubisoft also wanted to realise a special store visual using pixel art. Typically designed by the USA, this was the first time Ubisoft challenged us to deliver this kind of visual work.

Challenges In order to deliver a successful campaign for the Ubistore we had to take a few elements in account. To begin with, our client wanted to articulate the visuals around the three different sales phases. In order to have continuity in the visuals but still allow people to see visual changes occur as a new promotion phase began.

Then, for the store visual, our client specified that we had to incorporate pixel art. This presented a challenge due to the huge gap between pixel art and the modern and highly detailed image of Ubisoft’s games.

Finally, keeping in mind this visual would be seen by a lot of Ubisoft fans we had to find subtle ways to include easter eggs into it, in a PopCorn Garage fashion.

Creative Thinking We had the idea to use voxel art instead of pixel art. Voxel art being a more detailed 3D version of pixel art, it allowed us to do a visual that would be more refined and closer to what could be found within Ubisoft games. We then created the effect in three different daytime variations: daytime, sunset, and night, to mark the evolution of the Spring Sale.

Creative Answer We collaborated with Christophe Tritz, an artist specialized in voxel art. This visual included elements from the three latest Ubisoft games : Immortal Fenyx Risings, Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. While adding a spring and spawning ambiance. Using Christophe’s art as a starting point, we added animation to make it more lively as the background of the Ubisoft Store.

We also created visuals specifically showcasing Ubisoft latest games to push them as a central piece of this Spring Sale. All of those visuals were adapted on several mediums to use as part of a Webkit: Youtube videos, Facebook carousels, cinemagraphs, banners and more.


Our involvement from the strategic approach until the end of the asset production allowed us to deliver to Ubisoft a complete digital sale campaign package: with a Webkit, usable keyarts and website visuals. biborg-work-Ubisoft-Spring-Sales-image4