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Context and challenges For the first time, Ubisoft created the Ubisoft Experience in 3 cities: Birmingham, Sydney and Paris. This event aimed to celebrate the brand’s community with exclusive access to games, the chance to speak directly with developers and more. It was an invitation to discover the creativity that brings the games’ different universes to life; workshops, conferences, meeting spaces, cosplay contests.

Ubisoft noticed that its brand attribution and brand awareness were lower than expected. While its games such as the Assassin’s Creed installments are extremely famous, not every gamer is able to say that it is Ubisoft who is behind it. While the ambition with Ubisoft Experience is to reinforce the brand relationship with its community, the brand charisma, love and attribution, our challenge was to create a unique positioning for this fresh new gaming convention.

Our answer As this series of events was really thought “for the Ubisoft Fans, with the Fans, by the Fans”, our recommendation was to put players at the center of the Ubisoft universe(s), as stakeholders of the Ubisoft creative emulation of today and tomorrow. To do so, we worked on a key art that would make players feel like they are in the Ubisoft office during an open day.

Created as an invitation to the event and for fans to feel like they are attending the “home of Ubisoft”, the look and feel was intended to be cosy and homely with a mural wall as a background with easter eggs referring to Ubisoft’s game titles.


Biborg created the main marketing assets such as the main keyart and the logo, a trailer, display campaign and merchandising tools (t-shirts, tote bags and pins). Our main assets had then been adapted directly by countries to fit the whole communication needs.

Besides the global identity, Biborg also accompanies Ubisoft France on a social media activation to engage and entertain attendees during the Ubisoft Experience Night at Paris Games Week, while celebrating the Ubisoft community. In the same spirit as for the global campaign, we offer the possibility to fans to become a member of Ubisoft team: the community manager. During the night, all stories from attendees had been reposted on the official Ubisoft Instagram account enabling fans to be deeper integrated into the Ubisoft world.