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Ubisoft Experience
Following a desire to get closer to its fans, Ubisoft wanted to create an annual event to create global awareness and celebrate the Ubisoft environment. The aim was to create a fun, engaging event for the community and create awareness around Ubisoft values as well as create real ambassadors and see fans as potential future stakeholders of the brand.

For the first time, immersive and creative events called the Ubisoft Experience were created. The idea was to celebrate the brand’s community with exclusive access to games, the chance to speak directly with developers, an invitation to discover the creativity that brings the games’ different universes to life, workshops, conferences, meeting spaces, cosplay contests and panels in an environment of passion and sharing that celebrates the whole Ubisoft universe.

The first edition of the Ubisoft Experience was held in Birmingham (UK) on August 24th and 25th 2019 followed by Sydney on September 14th and 15th and Paris during the Paris Games Week, on October 31st.

The aim was to create the branding around the Ubisoft Experience that matches the existing DNA of the brand, which makes Ubisoft THE destination for great entertainment while giving an inviting feeling to celebrate the community. The overall Art Direction needed to be inclusive and speak to all the fans of the different brands, while being easily adapted depending on the territories.

Creative solution and campaign
Following a pitch win, Biborg collaborated with Ubisoft on the branding of the events.

The key visual of the campaign was created as an invitation to the event and for fans to feel like they are attending the “home of Ubisoft”, hence the look and feel being cosy and homely with a mural wall as a background with easter eggs referring to Ubisoft’s game titles.


Biborg created the trailer, display campaign, design of merchandising tools as well as the main keyart and the logo, which made it possible to pose the whole identity of the event in the three corners of the globe. The identity not only included digital elements but also the physical, including merchandising products such as tote bags and pins, among others.

Follow this link for a presentation of the Ubisoft Experience.