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Might & Magic: Chess Royale Trailer

Context Following a competition win, Biborg collaborated with Ubisoft Paris Mobile to produce a 45 second trailer of their mobile game, Might & Magic: Chess Royale.

Ubisoft have combined the two biggest new gaming genres of the last few years by mixing together elements of auto battle and battle royale games. In Might & Magic: Chess Royale, players put together an army of units from the Might & Magic series in a fight against ninety-nine other players. The players must focus on creating powerful synergies between units but Chess Royale drops the teams and instead has every player fighting for themselves.

Objective Create an announcement trailer highlighting the epic side of the game with the target audience being fans of auto battle mobile video games as well as fans of the Might & Magic license.

Creative solution and campaign Biborg created a dynamic and immersive trailer using 2.5D animation to showcase the epic setting of this new Might & Magic mobile game. Starting off as the face-off between mortal enemies, Sandro the Necromancer and Queen Catherine Ironfist of Erathia, the video gradually upscales to reveal countless simultaneous confrontations taking place in the war-torn world of Might & Magic.

Through the use of a cinematographic treatment, a semi-realistic and modern fantasy style was used. This 45 second action trailer film escalates in an epic visual and musical crescendo that mimics the player’s experience within the game.

Live worldwide from the 30th of January 2020, the trailer was diffused on the official social networks and website of the brand.