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Paris Games Week


During the Paris Games Week in October 2018, Ubisoft and Biborg launched a social media and print campaign in order to increase brand loyalty.

Wanting to thank players who attend the gaming event as well as others on social media, Ubisoft wanted to create community love for the brand as much as the existing love for their games. Ubisoft had the wish to thank the players, friends and Ubisoft family for the year 2018 they lived together. Biborg decided to create a quirky and grateful manifesto referring to Ubisoft’s community, to be displayed for everyone at Paris Games Week. A 6 meter high wall surrounding the main stage of the Ubisoft booth was covered by this ‘declaration of love’ manifesto incorporating references to various licenses and highlights of the brand.

biborg-work-ubisoft-pgw-image-1 v2

biborg-work-ubisoft-pgw-image-5 v2

To accompany this unit, there was a social media campaign on Twitter responding to the followers who tweeted about Ubisoft in the past year. A total of 15 gamers had the chance to be handpicked in order to illustrate the tweets published throughout the event and echoing the various statements of the Manifesto on the Ubisoft Twitter account. A video based on the creatives was also made, putting in motion the thankful messages that were made to the players. The video was shared on Twitter with 1,5K retweets and 5.2K likes.

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The challenge of the campaign was to capitalise on the festive aspect of the Paris Games Week event in order to increase the brand loyalty. The idea was to create a link between the brand and fans during the event and communicate on the great year of Ubisoft.

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The target audience were the visitors of the Paris Games Week and those who visited the Ubisoft booth, subscribers and fans of the Ubisoft social media accounts as well as the broader active social media gaming fans.


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