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Rainbow 6: Siege - Escalation

In order to introduce Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege’s esport scene to gamers, and encourage them to join in, Ubisoft asked Biborg to create Escalation, a brand content campaign offering a VIP glimpse into the game’s Pro League.

With an annual growth rate that could reach +37.6% by the year 2030 according to Idate, the esports market is a bona fide cultural phenomenon, facing exponential development. Ubisoft, taking its part into that, recently announced it was reorganising the structure of its esport competitions for all levels of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six esports, from amateur to professional level, for 2018-2020.

After a transition season from March to May 2018, the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League will notably be divided into two seasons, each with a six month duration, from June-November and December-May. The 8 best teams from each season, 2 from each of the league’s 4 regions (Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America), will face off in a grand finale for $275,000 in prize money.

Biborg, who previously created a teaser for the launch of the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League’s second year in January 2018, was again approached by Ubisoft to create a new brand content campaign. To convey the passion at the heart of the esports scene, Biborg collaborated with Ubisoft’s EMEA, US and Montreal teams to produce Escalation, a 4-part web series featuring professional gamers sharing their techniques and experiences with the game. The agency followed 3 of the world’s top teams – Evil Geniuses (US), Supremacy (France), and Team Liquid (Brazil) - during the finale of the 3rd season in Sao Paulo, a key event leading up to the Six Invitational 2018, to be held between the 13 - 18 of February in Montreal, in order to gather content.

Each episode bears witness to the intense training, energy and pressure the gamers experience in their climb to the top. Through each episode, we learn more about the hard work and perseverance the teams endure.

Rainbow Six has a superb community of devoted fans: they have invented tactics, a vocabulary, and a whole culture around these competitions. Escalation immerses us in this thrilling world, and proves to amateurs that the pro scene is accessible through perseverance and training. Adaptation, strategy, destruction: these testimonies demonstrate the game’s particularities and how unique it is in the esport competition.

Bruno Luriot co-founder at Biborg.

To be able to meet these atypical and determined personalities - these gamers, professional and amateur, these casters, fans and organisers – give us the opportunity to understand the singularity of Rainbow Six and the communal determination to preserve and grow the community, already bubbling over with energy and passion.

Morgane Roncin, Account Manager at Biborg.

A true inspiration for gamers, each of the 3-5 minute episodes is available online through Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six : Siege platforms.

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