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Rainbow Six: Extraction


Challenge To create a distinct, ownable social voice for the new Rainbow Six: Extraction over 8 months pre-launch that could connect with both existing fans of the licence and FPS gamers on a broader scale.

Idea Rainbow Six: Extraction is all about survival. To survive in this game where it’s players vs environment, players have to be able to trust their teammates. That’s why, based on our audience's biggest driver, social connection and the game's main features, we crafted a dedicated social voice calling for everyone to join forces: “Only true mates”.

Based on this editorial line, all of our posts reflected an insight that was able to truly resonate with the spirit of being team players and generated conversation between gamers.

Results Take a look at a few posts that captured our creative strategy “Only true mates”:

biborg-work-rainbow-six-extraction-twitter biborg-work-rainbow-six-extraction-twitter-2



Global results over 8 months on all 6 accounts (UK, DE and FR), which we built from the ground up:

Twitter: 17k followers - 2.2% average engagement Instagram: 13.7K followers - 8.9% average engagement