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Context and challenges Hitting another player milestone this year, with over 60 million registered players to date, Ubisoft’s squad-based tactical shooter game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is remarkably successful.

In 2019, Ubisoft wanted to help players form teams in an easier way, since some of them are used to playing alone. With the objective of improving players onboarding, Ubisoft came up with the idea of an online tool helping R6S players to find perfect teammates on the go matching their habits. That’s why Ubisoft then turned to Biborg to draw a technical solution fitting their needs of this instant gaming session planning while providing perfect matches to their players.

Our answer To make this ambitious project a reality, Biborg first worked on a thorough technical audit of the tool possibilities. From strategic benchmarks, creative and technical thinking to audits of players’ needs, Biborg has provided Ubisoft with a complete recommendation including technical solutions, features, user journey and production workflow for this new community service.

First of all, based on consolidated reports of Users Tests, Ubisoft and Biborg collaborated on the product thinking and production through a test-and-learn process to lay out the ground for the upcoming months of product development.

And that’s how we gave birth to the “SquadFinder”: In a quick and easy way, players can create a profile based on their in-game data and play habits and set-up a request based on their game sessions, languages, playstyle and game mode. From there, the SquadFinder matching system instantly provides gamers with the best compatibility. By sending and accepting invitations, players can add the most suitable teammates as friends in-game and start playing!


The main challenge with Squadfinder was to make a solid “matematching” system from game data crossed with user's schedules and their interests, all created with as few steps as possible for a seamless user experience. To fulfil that, we are greatly thankful to Ubisoft services and teams for their availability to ensure all of the technical requirements for such an ambitious project which were effectively met despite the Covid crisis.

Mickael Mouillé - CTO, Biborg

Following a first version of a Minimum Viable Product, (MVP), Ubisoft and Biborg conducted a Closed Beta with a selected pool of users during 3 weeks leading up to instructive learnings.

Including the latter, a second MVP was developed, ensuring a robust and viable product ready to be publicly released mid-August. Over time, we will then optimise and upgrade The SquadFinder based on our users’ feedback.


You’re looking for teammates? Come and join us here. The more we are, the better the matches will be.

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