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For the past two years, Biborg has been working with the Ubisoft Annecy teams on the brand identity of the new Ubisoft game, Riders Republic, which was announced on September 10th 2020 and is planned for release on February 25th, 2021. This new massive multiplayer open-world extreme sports game allows more than 50 players to compete against each other in races including; mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit flying and rocket wingsuiting.


For the first time, Biborg worked directly with Ubisoft Annecy to design the logo, identity and also support the studio on the artistic direction of the in-game elements. Following a pitch in July 2020, Biborg was chosen to also be in charge of the social media strategy for this new title in Europe and the United States.

In parallel to the launch, Biborg has been developing its new ambitions in the video game industry and this project is one of the examples of their position as a consulting agency for video game publishers and studios.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Ubisoft, with whom we have worked with for over 10 years. Working hand in hand with the Ubisoft Annecy teams is a source of great pride for us and it is a new step in our collaboration, which illustrates the new orientation of the agency to put itself at the service of the video game creation studios.

Bruno Luriot, CEO, Biborg

Seeing as Riders Republic is a truly social and daring game, we chose an out of the box approach that characterises both our teams and those of the Ubisoft Annecy studio. We play with codes and formats with a quirky and fun “open air” identity.

Ismael El-Hakim, Chief Creative Officer, Biborg

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