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Riders Republic - Livin’ the Stream

biborg-work-ubisoft-riders-republic-twitch-extension Challenge Since launch, Riders Republic has been taken over by the riders community, with several multiplayer features such as: Mass Races, Tricks Battles, and X-Games. With this in mind, Ubisoft Annecy wanted to enhance viewers’ experiences and understanding of the game’s competitive aspects, alongside many other features available in the game.

Idea Dive into the action A Twitch extension for viewers to explore streamers’ profiles with the best user experience. It showcases gameplay mechanics, the player’s progression and achievements, and customisation features to raise interest and help viewers understand and enjoy the game.

The extension also creates an opportunity for streamers to start a new game with their community, and consists of four sections:

PLAYER The home section, which has everything viewers need to know about the streamer and to catch-up on the stream (a Rider’s information and current activity).

CAREERS This part follows the streamers’ progress and shows how skilled they are in each sport.

TOYS An area with all the information needed to check out their toys!

MULTIPLAYER This section shows how they rank overall, as well as other cool stats like their weekly level.

Results Coming soon. After all, the action’s just begun!