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Brand content, Online advertising
Ubisoft - Store Branding
Following a pitch win in 2018, Ubisoft and Biborg have been collaborating on the Ubisoft store EMEA campaign in order to strengthen the Ubisoft positioning and increase awareness. Even though the Ubisoft Store is linked to Ubisoft, it needed its own brand platform regarding its needs, goals and audience as well as increasing the impact during its major pulse points.


The aim was to reinforce consistency with the communication assets including a strong consistent art direction as well as being able to communicate with high quality assets at each major pulse moment (E3 Sales, spring, Black Friday, Christmas and several collector videos in the year). The objective to acquire and convert consideration to store visits and increase the volume of transactions was also very important.

Creative idea
The message to communicate was that the Ubisoft Store is the fan’s playground, the perfect place for Ubisoft game lovers to nurture their fandom. From this message came the idea of : ‘One Playground, for true Ubi Game fans’.

With this creative idea in mind, Biborg created a branding campaign including a lead video that represents the positioning and the Ubisoft Store services.

This lead video would be then adapted for each strong pulse promotion moment with a different creative skin corresponding to the theme.

Collectors Campaigns
There are also collectors campaigns including videos that promote collector figurines for certain titles. An example was for the release of the collector's edition of Watch Dogs Legion. Ubisoft asked Biborg to create a video highlighting the figurine, main elements and additional content present in this collector. Biborg filmed the figurine and produced the final video which was diffused on Ubisoft’s YouTube and adapted for their social media channels.