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Branding, Display & Media

Context and challenges In a very competitive gaming online store market, the unique positioning and visual identity of brands is a key stake for awareness, consideration and conversion. The Ubisoft store problematic was triple: clarify the Ubisoft Store and Uplay reason to buy, strengthen creative consistency and create impactful digital marketing assets at each major pulse moment (E3 Sales, spring, Black Friday, Christmas, and several collector videos in the year). The objectives were to convert consideration to store visits and to increase the volume of transactions.


Our answer When thinking about the Ubisoft Store main advantage and proposition value, Ubisoft licences appeared as a key point. What differentiates all digital gaming stores from the Ubisoft Store is that you can find it on every item relative to each Ubisoft incredible game. For fans, the Ubisoft Store is the perfect place to satisfy their needs. By adopting an emotional positioning, Biborg was aiming to seduce all its games’ core communities: “The Ubi Store, the place where all the fans favourite’ games are.”

The message to communicate was that the Ubisoft Store is the fan’s playground, the perfect place for Ubisoft game lovers to nurture their fandom. To do so, we created a lead video with a visually impactful introduction that will enable gamers to have an immediate brand attribution to the Ubisoft Store.

This lead video would be then adapted for each strong pulse promotion moment with different creative skins customised for local relevant key moments such as Chinese new year’s eve, Christmas, Black Friday… but also collector edition of figurines.

Collectors Campaigns There are also collectors campaigns including videos that promote collector figurines for certain titles. An example was for the release of the collector's edition of Watch Dogs Legion. Ubisoft asked Biborg to create a video highlighting the figurine, main elements and additional content present in this collector. Biborg filmed the figurine and produced the final video which was diffused on Ubisoft’s YouTube and adapted for their social media channels.