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The Crew 2

During E3 2017, Ubisoft announced that the Crew 2 was back on the scene, four years after the open-world racing game first appeared. The game invites players to explore and dominate the land, air and sea across the US. With a wide variety of cars, bikes, boats and planes, players compete in a wide range of driving disciplines in a virtual touristic ambience.

For the launch of this title, Biborg, Google and Ubisoft collaborated on four different campaigns : A Closed Beta phase which went live in May 2018, the Open Beta campaign for the 21st of June, the launch campaign going live on the 29th of June and the post launch for the beginning of July. The overarching creative illustrated the idea of freedom and the graphical beauty of the game.

A programmatic YouTube Trueview campaign was orchestrated targeting different audiences: open world fans, arcade fans, simulation fans and a video targeting more of a global audience. Each Trueview video was adapted to our target group and was created differently in terms of the sequence cuts, music, editing and messaging. The programmatic campaign was adapted and diffused on Facebook for increased visibility. Instagram stories, rich display formats and social media formats were also created, immersing users into the motorsports playground and culture.