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The Addams Family - DCO

While each year, more than 600 feature films are scheduled in our cinemas, standing out and attracting viewers to an ultra-competitive market has inevitably become a priority for distributors. In France, 88% of moviegoers choose the movie they are going to watch before arriving in cinemas.

To support Universal Pictures France as they launch La Famille Addams (The Addams Family) on the 4th of December, Biborg created the first dynamic digital out of home campaign on a national scale to trigger passersby in malls and train / metro stations. This campaign combined contextual, programmatic and real-time data integration to attract attention and drive users to the nearest cinema.

Developed in partnership with Allociné and diffused on the Clear Channel and Media Transports network throughout malls and on the Médiatransports network in metro and train stations, this exclusive format was deployed for a week, until December 14th 2019.


Biborg has formed a partnership with Allociné, from which it dynamically retrieves the API to display the nearest sessions and cinemas along with a countdown to when the film will begin.

The digital out of home industry is rapidly evolving and finally allows us to offer connected, creative and event-driven experiences on a large scale. For Universal Pictures France we thought of a contextualised campaign to capture the attention of passers-by in a minimal amount of time.

Matthias Ferrière, DCO Manager, Biborg.

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