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World of Tanks - Back to School

Biborg partnered with Wargaming to produce their World of Tanks Back to school campaign with the goal of bringing back lapsed players into the game.

Fresh following the summer holidays at the beginning of September 2018, the idea was to remind players of the good moments they experienced when playing World of Tanks. To do so, Biborg created the concept of ‘anecdotes’ with the same starting headline "Remember when?" along with different texts and actions showcasing specific situations that World of Tanks players can relate to.

Going live in the UK, France, Germany and The Czech Republic, three YouTube Trueviews were created with different scenarios. YouTube Bumper adaptations were also produced as well as a standard display campaign to support it.

Managing the campaign from A to Z, Biborg worked on the campaign strategy and the creative concept all the way through production.

So do you remember when you landed that crazy shot?