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World of Tanks - Interactive Bootcamp

Biborg have partnered with Wargaming on an immersive World of Tanks themed Bootcamp at Gamescom, allowing players and newcomers alike to undergo a training program to determine which tank suits them best. The innovative experience was built in the Wargaming booth and playable from August 20-24 at Gamescom 2019 and invites gamers to take on four series of multiplayer interactive experiences to determine each user’s performance in Aim, Firepower, Mobility and Survivability. Depending on the score, the user will graduate to the Command Center to be attributed a specific tank type and obtain their physical “tank crewman license” at the end of the experience.

Biborg masterminded the Bootcamp circuit, leading the art direction, development of the games and managing the entire project. To bring the World of Tanks universe to life, Biborg partnered with Dune and Trade Group on the construction of the booth. Once completing the training program, players graduate to the Command Center where they are assigned a tank type and a photobooth lens with live face tracking creating a World of Tanks ID license with a Gift code to use the tank in-game.

World of Tanks is such an iconic and beloved title so we knew we had to create something spectacular that would capture the imagination of gamers and cause a stir at the biggest gaming event in Europe. We always strive to create unparalleled creative activations and the interactive nature of games makes the industry one of the most exciting to create experiences for.

Valentin Hugon, Business Manager & Partner, Biborg. At Gamescom this year we wanted to offer our players a new and immersive way to engage with the World of Tanks brand. World of Tanks is a key title for Wargaming and it was essential to work with an agency who could help us execute our vision during such an important event like Gamescom. Biborg has a solid track record of creating outstanding gaming campaigns and we’re thrilled with what they’ve delivered. Johannes Braun, Marketing Manager, Wargaming.

Which kind of tanker are you? Test your tank skills and reclaim your tank license.

IGN US (EN), FWA Award.