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Branding, Display & Media
World of Tanks: Mercenaries

For the promotion of the World of Tanks: Mercenaries campaign, Wargaming briefed Biborg on the production of the game trailer which was diffused in July 2018. The title welcomes players into an alternate reality governed by disorder. With brand new features including powerful new vehicles, hero Crews, maps, and an explosive story campaign, Mercenaries is set against the backdrop of a new reality where World War II never ended. Society is fractured, and the world is left tired and hopeless. People are now fighting for themselves and taking up contracts to become soldiers of fortune.

Each vehicle is managed by a unique Mercenary crew, with their own story and their own playstyle. If you want to unleash a hellish storm on your enemies with a Japanese freedom fighter then Storm Hunter is your woman – she rides to battle in the furious tank destroyer, Needle. How about pestering enemies with an erratic and aggressive barrage of shells? Crazy Snake is your guy – get him with the mighty light tank, Stubbs.

The concept of the campaign was to present 5 characters of the game, highlighting the personality of each. Biborg was in charge of the production including the motion design, 3D elements, visual effects, music and video editing.

Biborg also created a digital display campaign using the trailer video assets. The campaign included homepage takeovers, YouTube units, paid social media formats and HTML5 banner units. The digital campaign was divided and diffused in 3 strategical phases: branding, presentation of the characters and performance through the gameplay, directing users to the game website.