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World of Tanks - Tale of Tanks film

This holiday season, Wargaming selected Biborg to accompany them in their end-of-year communication for its legendary game, World of Tanks. This year, PC gamers will have their own tale: the Tale of Tanks. Released in December 2019, Biborg’s 30’ film reinvents the classic Christmas fable with an epic World of Tanks touch. A welcome deviation from the traditional holiday ads we’re inundated with this time of year.

The campaign was available on TV, digital and print in 12 worldwide countries including: United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary.

Each year, World of Tanks hosts a big in-game event for the holiday period. It’s a moment for Wargaming to celebrate the World of Tanks players, reward them with gifts and fill them with holiday cheer. It’s also an opportunity for the publisher to entice new players to try it for the first time as well as bring old players back into the game.

Unlike the conventional Christmas ads that saturate our screens, Biborg’s 30' spot features World of Tanks heroes, tanks, and embodies the game's most compelling aspects: strategic thinking, teamwork, and high octane action.

The spot starts out as a classic fairy tale with the usual "once upon a time", before deviating to a story of a different sort – Rudy the Tank. The spot alternates between the two settings – traditional Christmas lore, depicted by CGI sequences of a pop-up book created by Biborg, and the parable of a fierce battle. And yet, despite its counter-culture style, there is an important message – that friends and allies matter. A message players and viewers can relate to, and one we should all take into account this time of year.

In addition to the spot, Biborg created the master standard display format that was then adapted and localised by the Wargaming team for the international digital campaign. The keyart was created for print placements in France, Germany and The United Kingdom.

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