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World of Tanks

World of Tanks is an online multiplayer game developed by Wargaming. Today, this free-to-play team-based tank game is one of the top 5 most played game around the world - Available on PC, Xbox and mobile devices. Wargaming and Biborg teamed-up in 2015 to create a new European campaign including TV commercials, print and online display advertising.

Highlighting the fun snackable gameplay, tactical and challenging action and accessibility of the game, the new TVC tells the story of everyday little struggles in which the protagonist blows off some steam thanks to World of Tanks.

Biborg have been working with UNIT Image to provide the best quality of image, mixing live action and CGI. The sound design, original music, and audio mix were done teaming up with Stereoplane and CaloProd for the voice over recordings.

On the digital side, Biborg crafted takeovers, banners and pre-rolls inviting users - all across Europe - to play World Of Tanks. The print execution displayed on gaming magazines also pictures our character escaping everyday troubles and having a fun ‘me-time’ blast.

In total, 18 countries were covered and 1 copy machine destroyed!