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Warner Bros Games
Shadow of Mordor

Following a pitch win, Biborg and Warner Games collaborated on the campaign for the launch of the game Shadow of Mordor.

It is the second sequel set on Middle-earth following the first game release in 2014.

Biborg were briefed by Warner to think about an idea for an activation throughout France. The concept was to create a platform on partner sites such as and inviting users to support their city against Sauron, also known as the Dark Lord of Mordor who is the main antagonist of the game series .

7 major cities in France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Rennes and Lille) were put in competition against each other from September 29th to October 9th 2017. Each city was represented by an influencer with their tribe being internet users.

Wankil Studio - Paris Benzaie TV - Toulouse Farod - Marseille Jhon Rachid - Lyon Mamytwink / Zecharia - Strasbourg Siphano - Lille Guzz Prod - Rennes

The city that had the most participants was considered as the winning city. The operation was a prize draw competition where each participant received a gift thanks to a raffle.

The principle is as follows : Entrants need to register on the platform to enter the contest. After that, they can choose among the 7 selected cities. Once this first step is done, entrants are invited to continue the experience by recruiting their Twitter community thanks to 7 hashtags assigned to each city :

(A is a French word meaning ‘in’) #MordorAParis







For each tweet containing those specific hashtags, the corresponding city won a warrior to their army. After a strong and increasing competition, Paris finally emerged triumphant with 29242 warriors recruited. In total, the contest registered 68 860 people.