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Warner Bros
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

To promote the new film, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, Biborg and teams from Warner Bros EMEA have created an innovative display campaign and a mobile scavenger hunt game, starring the film’s hero, Emmet, to get kids of all ages in the mood. An animated hyper-contextualised social media toolkit, a unique YouTube masthead, and an “Emmet Vision” mobile in-browser game (works only on smartphone and tablet) were all created and aimed at boosting excitement for the heroes’ return in the 4th installment of the franchise.

Emmet Vision, which can be found on the Lego website, sends users on a treasure hunt, in search of the different items Emmet needs to pack to set off on his adventures, notably to save his friends who have been kidnapped. A ball, a hand, a pot… all objects users need to find and scan in a limited time. Thanks to Google Tensor Flow technology, mobile phones can recognise the different real-life items, which, when scanned, turn into “Lego Movie” mode. There are 2 rounds, each with 10 objects, and users are scored based on the time it takes to find them. They can play the game, which is available in four languages, as many times as they want to improve their score or to pass more time with the film’s hero.

The campaign’s social media toolkit uses exclusive footage specially created for the “motivational messages” Emmet shares through each short clip. The different micro-films all feature carefully-defined themes that different territories can adapt to be locally relevant. From generic themes like Emmet’s message about morning coffee, to more-specific themes about the weather, there’s something for every context, each destined to cure the “January Blues”. The campaign also includes an impactful specially-designed YouTube Masthead sure to draw internauts’ attention with its custom animation.

The film hits theaters in the UK on the 8th of February 2019 and in France on the 20th.

In Paris on Saint Valentine’s day, at the Gare de Lyon high frequented train station, contextualised Digital Out of Home formats were diffused. The format included the two protagonists, Emmet and Lucy waiting to take the train to Bricksburg, a city in The Lego Movie 2. However their train was delayed, as we can all relate to, but instead of looking at this from a negative viewpoint, the idea of the creative was that the delay can allow the two love birds to spend more time together.

It’s been an incredible collaborative journey working with the teams at Warner Bros EMEA. We wanted to bring Emmet to life on social and out of home with reactive content. Our game, Emmet Vision was also designed to engage kids in a fun and light hearted experience, while giving them a hint on what Emmet’s adventures are in The Lego Movie 2.

Kais Ali Benali, UK Managing Director at Biborg.

Families can now spend time with the different characters inside and outside the theaters.