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Warzone Mobile - Global Summit BTS Trailer


Challenge Since its initial announcement in September 2022 during COD:Next, there had been no significant news or content releases, leaving gamers in the dark about the game. To reignite excitement and hype, the Warzone Mobile Global Summit invited influencers from all around the world to test out Warzone Mobile and stream it live to their communities.


Here, the challenge faced by Biborg was to highlight the game’s key features and bring excitement to gamers worldwide. The shooting itself took place on site at the London Summit, which was the first of its kind since the pandemic. We also had to deliver a full-length documentary-style video that would do justice to the Summit, showcasing the developers behind the game and influencers who would get their first taste of Warzone Mobile’s magic.

Idea We crafted a gripping narrative that would showcase Warzone Mobile’s unique features and its impact on mobile gaming. At the WZM Global Summit in London, we spent time with the game developers and influencers who provided our team with a wealth of knowledge, valuable information and honest feedback through in-depth interviews and behind the scenes content.

The team delved into their opinions on the game and its potential impact on the future of mobile gaming. Focusing on specific game features, such as "mobile-first," "best-in-class control system," and "shared progression," we developed a series of videos that would weave together to tell a bigger story.


To execute our idea, we partnered with Esport Engine, who spearheaded the event's organization and execution. They also provided a shoot team that we directed on the day, capturing the footage necessary to bring the narrative to life.

The outcome was a series of videos that not only highlighted the game's features but also showcased the extensive work behind the scenes to develop it and its potential impact on the end-user. The content perfectly complemented the individual influencers' content, providing a WZM perspective on the event alongside player-centric content.