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Challenge Wednesday 8th March is a significant date in France.

Not only is it International Women’s Day, it’s also the day before the end of registration for Parcoursup, the French university admissions platform. With this in mind, we wanted to create an opportunity to highlight the lack of diversity and bring awareness to the potential careers in the gaming industry for women.

Idea We created the Parcours1UP filter in partnership with Women In Games France (WIG). In a period of uncertainty when students have to make decisions about higher education and their future, we wanted to make young people, especially girls, discover the potential of the gaming industry.

Available on TikTok, this filter allows users to take an interactive personality test by tilting their head left or right, to choose their preference between two choices. After six questions, a job in the video game industry that best matches their profile is displayed. Users can retake the test multiple times, and will be able to discover 16 different video game professions.

Women In Games aims to promote diversity in the gaming industry, and strives to inspire the younger generation. Use/share the Parcours1UP filter with the #WomeninGaming hashtag to support this cause, and encourage more young girls to embark on this adventure, by scanning the QR code or going to the @wigfrance TikTok account!

Results The Parcours1UP TikTok filter has been viewed more than 770,000 times across 130 different videos (including almost 400,000 for @wigfrance alone!), generating 7,700 likes.

It’s also been played over 12,500 times, showing that TikTok users were really curious about all the gaming professions Parcours1UP had to offer!