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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Context Nearly a year and half after the successful launch of the critically acclaimed action role-playing game (RPG), Monster Hunter: World, Capcom announced the release of a massive expansion pack called Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

This uncharted world brings players to a new land of everlasting ice and snow, inhabited by new types of creatures and monsters and a challenge even for the most experienced hunters.

To help market this massive expansion pack, Biborg worked closely with Capcom on the announcement, pre-order and launch campaigns for both the console and PC releases.

Challenge The biggest challenge was to re-engage Monster Hunter players and get them excited about this new offer, as well as attempt to bring new players into the fold by highlighting the games key features.

Creative Solution and campaign Our creative recommendation was to make sure that all assets clearly communicated, via copy and visuals, all the new biomes, living environments, monsters and challenges.

The console launch was on September 6th 2019 and the PC launch on January 9th 2020. Biborg produced all display and video assets for the online display campaigns across multiple EMEA markets.

Console launch trailer

PC launch trailer

Homepage Takeover format

Online advertising banner

Unleash the hunter within.