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The live streaming video platform, Twitch was acquired by Amazon in 2014 and has become a key player in the video game industry. Twitch was almost entirely devoted to video game live streaming including esports competition broadcasts but the platform has since expanded to include music, talk shows, series and creative content.

It remains however today as the most popular live streaming and social video platform to broadcast and watch gaming content.

Twitch claims quite high numbers for only 8 years of existence. According to GamingScan there are :

  • 15 million daily active users who display - on average - a consumption of 95 minutes per day
  • Between 2.2 and 3.2 million monthly streamers

Whether amateur or professional, streamers are constantly looking for ways to improve their streaming offer by customising their interface. At the end of 2018, Biborg launched its own Stream Pack offer, a 100% compliant and easily downloadable digital asset suite that allows streamers to customise their interface rather than simply streaming the game.

For Biborg the key success factors on Twitch was to provide a real service for streamers in order to drive interactions with viewers and help them boost their fan loyalty, enrich the viewer experience with adapted and interactive branding content using native Twitch features and lastly embrace a community-first approach and celebrate gamers.

For publishers, this is the opportunity to maintain a consistent and non-intrusive brand presence, supporting their streamer community and helping them stand out with more professional content.

For streamers it allows a premium experience for viewers by making them stand out from their competitors, leverage interaction with their audience and help streamers set up their streams.

The Stream Pack is a pre-configured and ready to use package of assets (stream overlay, video transitions, animated alerts) in order to increase viewers experience which are customisable, easy to use and brand approved, providing a much more professional and finished look.

1. Quantic Dream - Detroit: Community Play

Biborg collaborated with Quantic Dream to create a new way to experience the narrative game, Detroit: Become Human with the creation of Detroit: Community Play, a new interactive Twitch poll extension for streamers and their communities whereby the course of destiny can be altered and influenced by viewers' choices in-stream.

Find out more here.

2. Monster Hunter World : Iceborne - Stream Pack

A year after the release of Monster Hunter World and seeing as the first stream pack was well received, Capcom wanted to offer another one to its hunter community. The objective was to create a custom premium stream pack that included three times the amount of assets produced for the first one. Being available from April 2020 on Monster Hunter World social networks, the stream pack provided streamers the ability to pick and choose which assets they wanted to use, giving them even more variety to make their stream more bespoke.

3. Riot Games France - Legends of Runeterra

Biborg and Riot Games France collaborated on the creation of a stream pack for the title, Legends of Runeterra. Being available on March 19th 2020 on the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the brand, the objective was to mark the occasion after a few months of the Beta launch and offer a way for the first players to ensure a branded and quality stream.


4. Ubisoft - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

In December 2018, Biborg launched the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Game Stream Pack. With more than 380 retweets and 2,057 likes on Twitter, this pack has become a real asset for many emerging streamers, pro-players and major shoutcasters - for example Brazilian shoutcasters, Bomb Na Casual from Brazil promoted the stream pack to the community through the Rainbow Six Esports YouTube channel.


5. Warner Games - Mortal Kombat 11

Biborg also collaborated with Warner Games EMEA on the release of the Mortal Kombat 11 Twitch Stream Pack in April 2018. The pack had a real success and had been installed by many emerging streamers with 438 retweets and 2,728 likes on Twitter.


6. Riot Games - League of Legends

Going live on the 20th of June 2019, the Riot Games League of Legends Stream Pack is accessible to all users. Inviting gamers to personalise their stream with a stream overlay, stingers, pre/break/postscreens and alerts, the elements integrate the official brand guidelines of League of Legends, Open Tour France (a second-level circuit run by Riot Games. It is a year-long competition consisting of seven tournaments played online) and La Grosse Ligue (the official student competition of Riot Games organised by the Student Gaming Network). The Stream Pack was announced on League of Legends social networks and can be downloaded from the official League of Legends website among other gaming sites.

7. Ubisoft - Steep

To reboost the communication around the extreme sports game, Steep - Ubisoft wanted to share a gift with their community to generate excitement. Going live on the 15th of July 2019, Ubisoft released a Twitch stream pack with a full suite of motion graphics including Steep-themed overlays and alerts, custom screens and more. Communicating on their social networks as well as their website, Ubisoft invited users to download the stream pack and spice up their slope rides.

8. Capcom - Monster Hunter World

After the successful launch of Monster Hunter World and ahead of the Iceborne expansion release, Biborg worked with Capcom’s teams to create a Premium Stream Pack for Monster Hunter World as a brand for June 2019. Josh Dahdrai, Community Manager at Capcom, first addressed it in a message to the fans during one of his streams and gave away the link to download it in the chat panel. The Stream Pack has been well received by the community so far and downloaded a few thousand times already. This Stream Pack will keep being pushed to the community on a regular basis.

Find out more here.

9. PlayStation - Twitch Streaming Partnership

Biborg and Playstation are collaborating on a streaming Twitch partnership with streamers starting from October 2019. Biborg and PlayStation have handpicked streamers to be the PlayStation Plus ambassadors - streamers that fit within PlayStation’s universe and play multiplayer games.

The streamers will be invited to take part in the partnership and when accepted, they will be provided with a PlayStation Plus branded streampack that includes a global overlay, stingers, alerts and custom screens as well as gifts that they can distribute to their community. The objective of this partnership is both to provide visibility for PlayStation as well as animate the channels of streamers by inviting them to use the stream pack while playing multiplayer games on PlayStation and free games offered each month on PlayStation Plus.

  • The Twitch stream pack can be promoted on official websites, newsletters, forums, social networks and through influencer programs - all directing towards the streamer community in order to generate downloads and installations.

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